2 Sides of Dreams

The Dreamcatcher is a protective talisman and is used to protect people from nightmares and bad dreams.

Deer Stag centred between Aqua for bright days and Moonstone influence for dark nights. An acrylic artwork inspired by anticipated dreams with dual aspect. Mysterious and positive energy presenting focused determination.

It’s abstract and freedom of vision where everyone can found some piece of self and individual interpretation.

The Crystal Ball… Fundraising for Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

No one knows their future… but things can change so quickly; Covid gave me time to think, dream & listen to ones body. Discomfort & unsteady on my feet led me to diagnosis of MS – a condition that cannot be cured…YET! I have to live with the physical and mental challenges…

That’s why my Leo spirit want to make a difference to highlight the plight of MS sufferers & explore further treatments so I will auction a signed Limited Edition print of my work ”2 Sides of Dream” and profits will be donate to the mssociety.org.uk

I submitted myself to research in order to change our future.

Original Dimension : 50cm x 70cm

Prints Dimension ; 50cm x 70cm

Dreamcatcher Series

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