My Art Story

My art story starts from childhood, I guess I have this in my blood as both my parents have artistic souls. As a little girl my creativity was so huge age 4 I knew I wanted to express myself through art. In 80’s-90’s there wasn’t YouTube or all that online stuff, so everything I was doing was inspired from pure imagination. I studied Art in Warsaw, Poland and my big art idol was Zdzislaw Beksinski which contain abstract and ‘utopian realism’. Art is subjective so I embraced a few projects for bespoke wall art painting, and also I had promoted some of my work in 2014 at an Art exhibition inspired by National Park Kampinos which is next to Warsaw Nature Park with lots of animals, so many peaceful places make me feel like they speak to me with saying ‘Paint me please!’ so I did it!

Life … An unplanned journey

Life … An unplanned journey ……. I arrive in the London, UK in 2015 in search of a better future. So different, London introduced me to many cultures, people and things but in the business of general survival I spent my initial years working in hospitality and retail while my art dreams slept.COVID-19 …. Lockdown inspiration ….The whole world has changed in a heartbeat and I realise I can’t work or travel home to Poland; I never thought I would witness such a thing in my lifetime. Luck would have it that I have settled in the home with a wonderful Jamaican family who have embraced me and we shared time getting through the COVID lockdown as my work stopped.I now see everything with new eyes …. Nature within the garden set alight my imagination was enlightened as I heard the birds sing clearly, clear skies with sight of the moon and stars, the flowers bloom and watch the vegetables grow so my love of expression through art was reborn and so I created my ZODIAC range of acrylic art, my interpretation of horoscope signs with constellations that can be appreciated for their uniqueness of colours and abstract design.

Inspired Time

Inspired Time …. I listened and was inspired by Rak-Su, “Blood Ties” & “Who am I?” are the songs that helped me get through COVID, reminding me of the importance of friendship, family is not always blood and importantly follow my dreams as life is not promised to anyone. Thank you to: Ashley, Jamaal, Myles and Mustafa your creativity released my creative art dreams. I will be adding to the range in the near future but I truly believe you can enjoy, share my original gift ideas and limited edition wall hangings that reflect the uniqueness of your special friendships.